2-Ply Toilet Paper
2-Ply Toilet Paper
2-Ply Toilet Paper
2-Ply Toilet Paper

2-Ply Toilet Paper

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No comfort sacrificed just because our toilet paper is eco-friendly & biodegradable. Try it for yourself - we're told it's as soft and strong. The toilet paper is characterized by a pleasant feel and offers just the right performance for washrooms with low visitor frequency.

Key Benefits
  • QUALITY softness, 2-ply thickness and a designer emboss you’d expect “at home,” available in individually wrapped professional packaging
  • SAFE for all standard sewer and septic systems
  • Large size to reduce filling frequency, lower costs and improve sustainability
  • Practical, hygienic solution for high-traffic environments, such as commercial restrooms
  • Compatible with common toilet roll dispensers

Meet the toilet roll with inner wisdom, that offers a more sustainable way of producing toilet paper - one that is kinder to nature without compromising luxury, comfort and style. 

Bamboo is rapidly renewable and sustainable - it is after all the fastest growing plant on our planet. It requires very few nutrients to grow so it thrives in depleted soil, making it a viable solution to some of the problems associated with deforestation.

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