About us

True Commercials started off in 2017, and have been improving the quality of our products and services for our consumers. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and we will continue delivering the outstanding service that the home store gives to its customers.  We have over many years experience in kitchenware and homewares and as customers ourselves we will always strive to give the best possible experience to everyone that comes to us either online or in-store. We want to make shopping with us pleasant and an enjoyable experience. True commercials deals in 

  • Import
  • Export
  • Wholesale
  • Retail

        We Import best quality  dinner sets, plate set, mug, bowls and cup and saucer and goods from world famous companies and from different countries

        • Germany
        • Turkey
        • USA
        • China
        • Canada
        •  United Arab Emirates 

          We are selling best quality home essentials with affordable price range. Now we started our Online Store so any one can buy from us. We ship our products 

          • Domestically, 
          • US cross-border 
          • Rest of the world.

          As we continue to expand our line of Home essentials we ensure that we cater a new design that will be functional for our customers.