6 Pcs Tea Cup with Saucer Set
6 Pcs Tea Cup with Saucer Set
6 Pcs Tea Cup with Saucer Set

6 Pcs Tea Cup with Saucer Set

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Tantalize the senses each morning with these elegant cups. Make your drink look like it's floating in midair - an enchanting optical illusion. Are you looking for an original and useful gift for a friend, colleague, or relative? How about giving a friend or a loved one an opportunity to enjoy tasty and flavorous freshly brewed tea every day?

Key Benefits

  • Best 6 Pcs Tea Cup with Saucer Set is always a good idea for any holiday and for any occasion.
  • Ultra-clear glass coffee cups made of lead-free high quality borosilicate glass, fridge safe.
  • Made of high quality heat-resistant ultra-clear borosilicate glass.
  • Light-weighted and durably made for everyday use.

The contemporary cups keep the temperature of liquid hot or cold for a longer period of time while the outer glass wall remains comfortable to the touch. Enjoy your favorite shot of coffee in style.

Sleek, modern design and suitable for use with electric coffee-making machines. Crafted from high-quality, strong, durable glass that is dishwasher safe. A variety of specialized cups and mugs will enhance and complement your teas, coffees, and hot chocolates.