Colander Bowl With Handle
Colander Bowl With Handle
Colander Bowl With Handle
Colander Bowl With Handle

Colander Bowl With Handle

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Never waste another grain with our innovative fine wire mesh that easily strains the smallest ingredients with no waste. Made from durable, high-quality, food-grade stainless steel that won't rust. Classic design and convenient to use, whether draining boiled vegetables, washing rice Lightweight and compact enough to store in a kitchen easy access. You Can Strain fruits or veggies to rinse. You can put anything you like, in this strainer.


Key Benefits

  • There is a unique inclined design at the bottom of the strainer
  • Makes water or other liquids flow quickly and easily
  • The side drainers allow you to effectively wash the rice before cooking.
  • Mirror polish, which means cleaning is very easy, just rinse under running water, also dishwasher safe. 
  • An ideal gift for family and friends due to the perfect combination of practicality and artistic design.

Sturdy food-grade stainless steel. In order to offer solid construction and high quality kitchen strainer, it is made of thick food-grade stainless steel with mirror polished surface, food harmless, corrosion-resistant and durable, has a longer service life long.

Ideal to be used for all kinds of food such as rice, grapes, cherries, legumes, grains, mung beans, pasta, barley, spaghetti, etc. It can also be used to drain, strain, wash and store, actually a perfect addition to the modern kitchen. Comes with evenly fine drainage holes on the side of the strainer, offers quick drainage, and keeps rice, vegetables, and fruits in the strainer at the same time.