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Plastic Hangers
Plastic Hangers
Plastic Hangers

Plastic Hangers

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This plastic-made hanger, which can carry a weight of up to 3.6 kg, is suitable for skirts, dresses, t-shirts, coats, and so on. Thanks to the smooth surfaces and curved edges, no trace can be left on the clothes, so that the clothes can be kept in good condition and their deformations prevented.

Key Benefits
  • These coat hangers are thin enough that the space in the closet can be effectively maximized.
  • The notches on each side can effectively prevent clothes from sliding down.
  • Made of strong and durable plastic that will last for long
  • Slim and sleek design assists in maximizing closet space to hang a good number of clothes at a time while giving a neat and tidy look to it

The slim design takes up minimal closet space in your wardrobe.  Made of high-quality material. Reinforced plastic to prevent breakage and last long. They work well both with heavier and lighter materials or fabric, like cotton shirts and tees. There will be no breakage, but plastic will bend if very heavy clothing is hanged.

Very smooth, unbreakable, made of high-grade plastic that does not have any sharp edges to causes unwanted creases or leave marks on the shoulders of your clothes. Therefore, perfect for delicate garments.

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